Diversify Your Offerings: The Power of Side Hustles

Adding side jobs to your main work offers many advantages. You’ll earn extra money, learn new skills, meet new people, and try different things. Side jobs can also provide a financial cushion for slower times in the cleaning business, test out new ideas and give more to your existing customers. All of which can help grow your business in ways you can’t imagine!

Profitable Side Hustles for House Cleaners

11 Benefits of Adding Side Hustles

While managing a primary business alongside side hustles may demand a significant amount of time, energy, and dedication, the potential benefits of these extra jobs can provide a chance to try out new business ideas with little risk. Side hustles can also help you offer more to your clients, find a better work-life balance, and pursue personal interests.

  1. Diversification of Income
  2. Financial Growth
  3. Skill Expansion
  4. Networking Opportunities
  5. Flexibility
  6. Passion Projects
  1. Improved Job Security
  2. Market Testing
  3. Increased Value to Clients
  4. Personal Satisfaction and Fulfillment
  5. Reducing Business Risk

Potential Revenue

Introducing side hustles to a house cleaner’s primary business can significantly enhance your potential revenue. By diversifying services and offerings, you can tap into various markets and cater to a broader clientele range.

For instance, while your core business might generate a steady monthly income, a specialized deep-cleaning service might add an extra $200-$500 per job. Organizing or decluttering services could contribute an additional $100-$350. Offering eco-friendly cleaning or even online consultations can further add $50-$300 each time.

By juggling a variety of these side hustles, you can grow your revenue, potentially increasing monthly income by a range of $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on your dedication, market demand, and skill set.

Deep Cleaning Services

Offer specialized services like carpet cleaning, window washing, or power washing that go beyond regular cleaning.

Offering deep cleaning services is a good idea for a house cleaner wanting to do more business. Deep cleaning tackles more dirt and grime than regular cleaning and is often needed during big seasonal cleans or when people move houses.

To start, get the right cleaning gear like steam cleaners or power scrubbers. Create a clear checklist of what your deep cleaning will cover, like cleaning behind appliances or inside ovens, so clients know what to expect. Set competitive prices and show your past deep cleaning experience to attract clients. Advertise your services on social media, local directories, or through word-of-mouth.

Happy customers and good reviews will help grow your deep cleaning business over time.

Home Organization

Assist clients in decluttering and organizing spaces like closets, garages, or pantries.

Offering home organization can be a great idea for a house cleaner looking to offer more services. This service can help tidy up and organize homes. Before starting, learn some organizing techniques, like the KonMari method. It’s good to have photos showing your past organizing projects to prove your skills to potential clients. Set fair prices for your services and promote them through social media, local ads, and word-of-mouth. Over time, good reviews and satisfied customers can help grow this part of your business, making it a rewarding addition to your cleaning services.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Use or make natural, environmentally-friendly cleaning products and offer this specialized service to eco-conscious clients.

Offering eco-friendly cleaning is a smart move for a house cleaner wanting to be more environmentally friendly and meet the growing demand for green cleaning. This type of cleaning uses safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable products. Start by researching eco-friendly products and consider getting certified in green cleaning to build trust with clients. Provide a clear list of your eco-friendly services and explain the benefits like better air quality and less allergies. Use social media and other marketing to share your eco-friendly practices and the benefits they bring. Over time, building a reputation for good eco-friendly cleaning can attract more clients and allow you to charge more for these specialized services.

Seasonal Cleaning

Provide cleaning services focused on seasonal changes (e.g., spring cleaning).

Offering seasonal cleaning is a good way for a house cleaner to help clients with deep cleaning during certain times of the year, like spring or fall. This service goes beyond regular cleaning and covers tasks like cleaning appliances, windows, and organizing garages. Start by making a detailed checklist of what you’ll clean and invest in the right equipment and safe cleaning products. Market your services on social media or local ads before the season starts to get bookings. You could offer discounts for repeat bookings to keep clients coming back. Over time, happy customers and good reviews will help make your seasonal cleaning services popular and profitable.

Holiday Cleaning and Setup

Provide cleaning services focused on holiday setup and clean-up.

Offering holiday setup and clean-up services is a good idea for a house cleaner looking to help clients during festive times. This service helps with decorating for the holiday and cleaning up afterwards, which many homeowners find helpful. To start, learn about common holiday decor and effective clean-up methods. Create a clear list of what your service includes, like decorating and post-event cleaning. Get the necessary cleaning supplies and maybe some festive decor to improve your service. Advertise your services on social media or local boards before the holiday season to get bookings. Partnering with local event planners or holiday stores could also bring in more clients. Over time, good reviews and pictures from successful jobs will help grow this part of your business, making it a fun and profitable addition to your cleaning services.

Work with Area Interior Designers

Offer area interior designers specialized cleaning for interior design projects.

Collaborating with interior designers is a smart move for a house cleaner looking to offer specialized cleaning for interior design projects. This partnership helps in making newly designed spaces shine and ready for clients. To start, network with local interior designers, attend industry events, and maybe join professional groups. Learn about specialized cleaning techniques, especially for delicate materials, to gain the trust of interior designers. Create a portfolio to show your skills in cleaning high-end and delicate interiors. Have clear communication and be flexible in scheduling to meet the needs of each project. Promote your specialized cleaning services and your collaborations on social media or local ads to attract more business. Over time, this collaboration can bring more referrals and help grow your clientele in a niche market.

Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning

Offer specialized cleaning for individuals moving into or out of homes or apartments.

Offering move-in/move-out cleaning services is a good idea for a house cleaner looking to help people during their moving process. This service makes sure the old place is clean and the new home is ready to move into. Start by understanding what thorough cleaning is needed for both empty and new homes. Make a detailed checklist of tasks like deep cleaning kitchen appliances, scrubbing bathrooms, and cleaning floors. Get good cleaning equipment to handle different cleaning tasks efficiently. Clearly explain your services in your ads so people know what you’re offering. Set fair prices that cover your time and effort. Promote your services locally, online, and by connecting with real estate agents. Over time, good reviews and relationships with local real estate professionals can help grow this part of your business and make it profitable.

Cleaning Workshops

Teach others your cleaning techniques, hacks, or the use of specific products through local workshops or online classes.

Offering cleaning workshops is a creative way for a house cleaner to share cleaning skills and tips with others. To start, plan a good curriculum covering topics like basic cleaning techniques, eco-friendly cleaning, and organizing tips. Prepare useful materials like handouts and plan some interactive sessions to make the learning fun. Make sure to have a comfortable space for the workshop and provide necessary cleaning tools for participants to use. Set a fair price for the workshop, considering the cost of materials and the value of the information you’re providing. Promote the workshops on social media, local boards, and through email to reach more people. Partnering with local stores or community centers might also help in promoting or hosting your workshops. Collecting feedback from participants and improving your workshops over time will help make them better, and can also bring in new clients for your cleaning business.

Cleaning Product Sales

Partner with cleaning product companies to sell products directly to clients, or create and sell your own homemade cleaning solutions.

Selling cleaning products is a good way for a house cleaner to offer more to clients and make extra income. First, research to find effective and eco-friendly products. Then, build relationships with suppliers to get these products at lower prices. Offer a variety of products to cover different cleaning needs, and consider creating your own branded line for better customer loyalty. Explain the benefits and how to use these products to your clients, perhaps through demos or brochures. Make buying easy, either in person or online, to improve customer experience and boost sales. Promote your products on social media, your website, and local forums to let people know what you offer. Collect customer feedback to improve your product line and sales strategy over time, helping this new part of your business grow.

Airbnb Turnover Service

Offer cleaning and turnover services for Airbnb or vacation rental hosts.

Offering Airbnb turnover services is a smart idea for a house cleaner to serve vacation rental hosts. This service helps hosts by preparing their property for new guests, which can also improve their ratings and reviews. To start, learn about the cleaning standards for short-term rentals and create a checklist of tasks like restocking supplies and cleaning all areas. It’s important to have a flexible schedule and good communication with hosts to meet different check-in/check-out times and special requests. Get efficient cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products to do a thorough job. Set competitive prices for your services to attract and keep clients. Advertise your services online and connect with local Airbnb hosts and property management companies to build your client base. Over time, delivering reliable and high-quality service will help grow this part of your business, gaining you a steady income and loyal clients.

Office or Commercial Cleaning

Expand services to include cleaning offices, shops, or other commercial spaces.

Offering office or commercial cleaning is a good way for a house cleaner to grow their business and find steady work. Before starting, it’s important to learn about the different cleaning needs of commercial spaces compared to homes. Investing in commercial-grade cleaning equipment and eco-friendly supplies can help improve your service quality. Offering a variety of services like general cleaning, floor maintenance, and window cleaning can meet the diverse needs of commercial clients. It’s good to have clear service agreements that explain the work, pricing, and schedule to keep things professional. Networking with local business owners and advertising online or in local business directories can help build your client base. Also, getting insurance for potential liabilities and following health and safety regulations is important in commercial cleaning. Over time, delivering reliable and high-quality service can earn you referrals and positive reviews, helping grow your commercial cleaning business.

Vehicle Cleaning

Provide interior car cleaning or detailing services.

Expanding into vehicle cleaning can be a good move for a house cleaner looking to offer more services. This service, which includes cleaning cars, trucks, or other vehicles, is often in demand. Before starting, learn about interior detailing, exterior washing, and the safe use of cleaning agents on different surfaces. Investing in specialized cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products is important for doing a good job. Offer a variety of services from simple exterior washing to detailed interior cleaning to cater to different customers. Set competitive prices and consider offering package deals or discounts to attract more customers. Advertise your new service on social media, local boards, and car forums, and consider partnering with local auto shops or dealerships to build your clientele. Make scheduling easy, possibly through an online booking system, and consider offering mobile services where you clean the vehicle at the client’s location. Collecting reviews and showcasing before-after photos can help build a portfolio and establish your reputation in vehicle cleaning.

Laundry and Ironing Service

Add on a laundry service for clients who need clothes washed, dried, and ironed.

Offering laundry and ironing services is a good way for a house cleaner to add more services for clients, especially busy families or individuals. Before starting, learn how to handle different fabrics to avoid damage like shrinking or color fading. Invest in good laundry appliances, ironing equipment, and eco-friendly detergents for a high-quality service. Offer different packages like wash-only, iron-only, or a combined service to meet different needs. Set competitive prices that reflect the quality and convenience you provide. Advertise your new service on social media, local boards, and through current clients to let people know. Having a reliable schedule and a clear way for clients to specify their preferences like detergent type or fold preferences can help provide a smooth service. Over time, delivering a reliable and high-quality laundry and ironing service can attract repeat customers and bring in extra income for your cleaning business.

Pet Clean-Up Service

Offer to clean up yards or homes that have pet-related messes, or even pet-specific spaces like cages or aquariums.

Offering pet clean-up services is a good way for a house cleaner to help pet owners keep their homes clean and hygienic. This service can include cleaning pet living areas, grooming spaces, and removing pet waste. Before starting, it’s important to learn about safe cleaning agents and practices to keep pets safe. Investing in specialized cleaning equipment and eco-friendly, pet-safe cleaning products is important for doing a good job. Offer different service packages like regular cleaning schedules or one-time clean-up to meet various needs. Set clear prices based on the cleaning required and how often the service is provided. Advertise your pet clean-up services at local pet stores, vet clinics, pet-friendly events, and online pet communities to find clients. Having an easy scheduling system and a way for clients to make special requests or share concerns can improve customer satisfaction. Over time, building a reputation for reliable, thorough cleaning and care towards pets can lead to word-of-mouth referrals and long-term relationships with pet-owning clients, helping grow this part of your business.

Etsy Shop of Digital Downloads

Offer digital downloads to help people know how to clean their homes.

Starting an Etsy shop for digital downloads is a smart move for a house cleaner wanting to share their knowledge online. You can sell things like e-books or cleaning schedules without worrying about physical stock or shipping. Create good quality, helpful content and make sure it looks professional to attract buyers. Use SEO techniques, like including relevant keywords, to make your shop easy to find on Etsy. Promote your shop on social media to get more visitors and sales. Over time, positive reviews will help build your shop’s reputation, making this a good side business alongside your cleaning services.

Online Blogging or Vlogging

Share cleaning tips, tricks, and product reviews on a blog, YouTube channel, or social media. Monetize with ads, sponsored content, or affiliate links.

Starting a blog or vlog can be a good way for a house cleaner to share cleaning tips and advice online. Before beginning, learn the basics of digital content creation like SEO (Search Engine Optimization), video editing, and social media marketing to reach more people. Create a content calendar to plan your posts, including tutorials, tips, and personal experiences to keep the audience interested. Post consistently and interact with your audience to build a following. Investing in a good camera and audio equipment can help make your content look professional. Over time, you can collaborate with cleaning product brands for sponsored content to earn some money. Responding to comments, asking for feedback, and hosting live Q&A sessions can help build a loyal community and enhance your reputation in the cleaning industry. Although it requires effort, blogging or vlogging can help build your brand, share your expertise, and even provide some additional income through ad earnings and sponsorships.

Elderly Assistance

Offer cleaning combined with assistance for the elderly, like grocery shopping or simple companionship, allowing them to remain in their homes.

Offering elderly assistance as a house cleaner means helping seniors keep their homes clean and comfortable, which is very helpful for those with mobility or health issues. Before starting, it’s good to learn about the needs and challenges elderly individuals face, and consider getting some basic training in elderly care. This service can include regular cleaning, tidying up, grocery shopping, and simple meal preparations. It’s important to be patient, understanding, and respectful when working with elderly clients, tailoring your services to their specific needs. Communicate clearly with the elderly individuals and their families to understand their preferences and any special instructions. Set clear and fair prices for your services, and promote your offerings at local community centers, senior living facilities, or online platforms focused on senior care. This service not only allows your business to grow but also helps the community by assisting seniors in maintaining a clean and organized living environment.

Subscription Boxes

Curate monthly or quarterly boxes with cleaning products, tools, and tips for clients or followers.

Starting a subscription box service is a creative way for a house cleaner to grow their business. These boxes can have eco-friendly cleaning products, fresh sponges, or personalized cleaning guides for different seasons or holidays. Before starting, it’s good to check if your clients are interested in this idea. You could get discounts from suppliers for buying cleaning products in bulk or work with local artisans for unique cleaning tools to add value to your boxes. Offer different subscription price levels to cater to different budgets. Make sure it’s easy for customers to subscribe, manage their subscriptions, and receive their boxes on time every month. Promote your subscription boxes on social media, email newsletters, and your website to get more subscribers. Have a customer service channel to handle questions and feedback to keep subscribers happy. Over time, offering value and convenience through your subscription boxes can build stronger relationships with your clients and bring in steady income for your business.

Window Cleaning

Offer specialized window cleaning services for both homes and businesses.

Offering window cleaning can be a great addition to your house cleaning services. Clean windows make a property look better and let in more natural light. Before starting, learn the right skills and safety knowledge, especially for cleaning windows on higher floors. Buy professional equipment like squeegees, extension poles, ladders, and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to do a good job. Offer different packages like one-time cleaning or regular cleaning schedules to meet different client needs. Set clear and competitive prices based on the quality of service you provide. Advertise your window cleaning service on your website, social media, and local ads to attract more clients. Also, get insurance to cover any accidents or damages during window cleaning, which will help build trust with clients. Offering window cleaning can help grow your business, meet your clients’ cleaning needs better, and increase your earnings.

Gardening or Yard Work

Expand your services to include basic yard maintenance or gardening.

Offering gardening or yard work is a good step for a house cleaner looking to provide more services. This can attract clients who want both indoor and outdoor maintenance from one service provider. To start, learn the basics of gardening and lawn care, maybe through a short course or workshop. Get the right gardening tools for tasks like lawn mowing, weeding, pruning, and patio cleaning. Set your prices based on how complex and labor-intensive the tasks are. Advertise your new services on social media, local boards, and through current clients to get the word out. Partnering with local nurseries or garden centers can also help bring in more clients. Over time, a portfolio of well-maintained gardens and positive reviews can help grow this part of your business and provide a steady stream of projects.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Provide cleaning services for newly built or renovated homes, removing dust, debris, and ensuring the space is move-in ready.

Offering post-construction cleaning is a good way for a house cleaner to broaden their services. This service focuses on cleaning up newly built or renovated spaces, removing construction debris, dust, and other residues to make them ready for move-in. It’s wise to get trained on the safety protocols and special cleaning methods needed for post-construction cleaning, as it can involve handling heavy debris and using special cleaning equipment. Buying quality, industrial-grade cleaning equipment and safety gear is important for doing the job well and safely. Offering different service packages can cater to various project sizes, from small home renovations to large commercial constructions. Set competitive prices that also reflect the hard work involved in post-construction cleaning. Communicate well with construction contractors and clients to understand the cleaning needs of each project. Advertise your services online, and through local contractors and real estate agents to find clients. It’s also crucial to have insurance to cover any accidents or damages during cleaning. This service can diversify your business and tap into a profitable market in the cleaning industry.

Affiliate Marketing

Recommend cleaning products or tools through affiliate programs, earning a commission on sales from your recommendations.

Affiliate marketing is a way for a house cleaner to earn extra money by recommending products online. By joining affiliate programs, you can get unique links to promote cleaning products or tools and earn commissions when people buy through your links. It’s good to promote products you have used or believe in, as this builds trust with your audience. You can use a blog, social media, or YouTube to share cleaning tips and product reviews, along with your affiliate links. Being consistent with posting and engaging with your audience can help build a following, leading to more clicks on your affiliate links and more earnings for you. Remember to tell your audience about your affiliate links as per Federal Trade Commission guidelines. Providing valuable content and being honest in your reviews can help make your affiliate marketing efforts successful, combining well with your cleaning services for a fuller business model.

There’s an expansive world of side hustles waiting to be tapped into, each offering unique opportunities to leverage your existing skills while exploring new arenas. From specialized cleaning services to eco-friendly initiatives, and even branching into digital spaces, the options are vast and varied. By exploring these 22 side hustles, you can enhance your income and also enrich your journey.

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