Are you looking to grow your LinkedIn account? If so, there’s an important thing you should do.

Guard Your Professional Network

In the digital age, where networking forms the cornerstone of professional success, platforms like LinkedIn have become indispensable. However, this digital connectivity also opens doors to potential vulnerabilities.

While LinkedIn offers an unmatched platform for professional engagements, there’s an often-overlooked security feature that every user should be aware of: Connection Visibility.

By default, your connections can be viewed by anyone on the platform. While this openness may seem like a way to foster community and collaboration, it can also serve as a goldmine for nefarious actors looking to exploit professional relationships. These individuals can infiltrate, manipulate, or even sabotage your network with the knowledge of your connections.

Therefore, safeguarding your LinkedIn connections by adjusting your visibility settings is not just a privacy measure; it’s a critical line of defense in today’s interconnected professional world.

Here Are the Simple Steps

Protect your connections by turning off their visibility. Go to your Account Settings and select Visibility. Your connections is the fourth listing, so select that. When you get to the new panel, turn off Connection Visibility. Your connections will thank you!

Protect Your LinkedIn Connections
Protect Your LinkedIn Connections

Create a Post to Let Everyone Know

You could keep what you’ve done quiet, so you don’t aggravate the bad people – but if you want to let your connections know what you’ve done, here’s a sample text you can adapt as a post:

Protecting Our Professional Ties
Dear Connections, I value our professional relationship and your privacy.

To ensure the security and confidentiality of our shared network, I’ve made a proactive decision to turn off Connection Visibility on my LinkedIn profile. This means our connection is now private and not visible to others on the platform. I believe this step is crucial in today’s digital landscape to protect us from potential misuse or exploitation.

Let’s continue to engage and collaborate, knowing our connections remain safeguarded.

Protect Your LinkedIn Connections