Don’t miss out on these three easy ways to increase visibility and make more sales for your business.

  1. Correctly list all contact information so customers can reach you by phone or email and find your website or physical location. This information needs to be exactly the same on all listing engines. Same phone number, same street address, same contact person, same website URL. No abbreviations, no deviations of any kind! Even small differences can lead Google, Yahoo! or Bing to think your profiles are for more than one company, diluting your SEO strength.
  2. Update listings monthly to showcase the products and services you most want to sell that month – offer special sales and discounts to drive traffic to your business. As you grow comfortable signing into your listing accounts you’ll find updating information is both quick and easy. Once you feel it’s easy, try updating your profiles to add weekly specials.
  3. Many of the listing engines allow the addition of custom information to describe specific products and services, as well as offer you the opportunity to add photos. Take advantage of everything offered to you for free. Even if you are a service business, consider adding a friendly and professional photo of staff and photos that represent the services you offer.

Once you grow comfortable with each listing profile and have time to track how it performs for your business, you can consider upgrading your account to include paid features. Don’t let yourself be talked into fee-based services before you conduct your own independent research! There’s no reason to start off paying for listing your business when so many free options are available.

BONUS This one action of claiming your local listings will start removing competitors from the first page of a direct search for your business. It means your customers will begin to see only you at the top of page one search results.